Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hello! Today, March 24, day 2 !!

Well, Scotland is exactly what I pictured it would be: grey skies, green grass, windmills, wellies and dog walkers!

It was quick reminder I wasn't home anymore when I couldn't even fit my bag into the elevator with anyone else. HA! yes, very embarrasing...stupid American. We actually had dinner and a few beers last night in an old church across from the hotel we stayed at. Hmmm...yep, it just didn't feel right. I had a great time, getting to know my crew better that I will be spending the next several weeks with. I feel very fortunate to have such great people surrounding me!

Today, I'm heading out to Romania. We should have a longer layover there. These early morning and time changes are starting to hit us, it will be nice to get a little rest before heading into the AOR. (area of responsibility....Afghanistan for us)

I'm being watched upon by several eyes waiting to get on here after me...so I'm keeping it short! I hope I will have more time tonight!!

Take care! ...miss everyone!


  1. Hey Kel,
    The church/bar scene is very surreal indeed. I went to a converted cathedral in Bormouth, UK. Got to lay in an old chuch pew while drinking beer. Quite a different experience. Never had a chance to look up and around the ceiling of a church when I was young. Usually got repremanded quickly. By the way, the name of the establishment was the "Slurping Toad" ... Brits are great for naming bars.... hope you have an easy flight in country. Would imagine that when the time zones catch up with you, your body will be reeling. Be careful,
    Love ya, Fred

  2. Hey, Kelly! Just found your blog (jumped over from Krista's), so you'd better believe that I'll be checking in on you ALL the time!! You sound great, and like you're already taking it all in. I knew you would. Glad you got the cards, and thanks for my birthday wishes. Thanks for keeping us posted on what's happening with you.
    Oh, and just so you know, Sydney and Ben are both screaming out, "There's Kelly", every time they see a plane fly by. It's awesome to hear!
    Take care! I love you!!!